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Course Work and Class Work

All students should recognise that the main purpose of entry to the Sixth Form is to obtain further qualifications. Your academic work must, therefore, receive high priority and you will find working conditions in the Sixth Form very different from your previous situation. You will be concentrating on a smaller number of subjects but studying them in greater depth. For most subjects it is necessary to read widely and outside the specific tasks set by your teacher.

Your success in the Sixth Form will depend on your commitment during lessons, your ability to work with concentration during Private Study periods and your willingness to spend time at home in personal study. It is difficult to set a specific time for how much work at home is expected as this depends very much on your personal combination of courses, but you should be prepared for regular periods of home study most evenings throughout your time in the Sixth Form.

It is important to develop your own method of organising your work so that you keep an accurate record of what has to be done and for what date. A key to meeting deadlines is to keep on top of the work as it progresses by setting yourself lots of short-term targets. Successful students invariably keep their student planner with them to help them plan their time: it’s a good strategy and one well worth developing to suit you.

To succeed on your courses you must complete all work that is set according to the deadlines given. Plan ahead. Get used to organizing your time from the start. Deal with difficulties as they arise – discuss them with your teacher as soon as you can – do not leave them until after a piece of work is expected to be completed. That way you will get the support and understanding of your teacher and find solutions much more easily.

This development of self-discipline will form a vital stage in your personal progress and is essential preparation for those students who will proceed to Higher Education and the greater freedom that this will involve, as well as for exercising responsibility for your own development if you enter employment.

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