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Settling into a new school quickly and happily is an important building block for future success. This can be an anxious time so we plan carefully for your child’s arrival here. A soft federation has been formed with Brunts and our family primary schools and we work together to provide a series of events and curricular links aimed at making the transition to secondary school a smooth one.

We understand how daunting it can be for children and parents when they move up into secondary school. Thoughts about making new friends and not knowing many people can be a real worry for a lot of children. Representatives from all the schools in the family meet regularly to plan events and evaluate what has gone before. Where it is felt that particular children may need additional help at the time of transition this information is shared and relevant staff at both schools liaise closely to ensure that the necessary support is provided. Members of staff in different curriculum areas meet with their colleagues in the other schools to ensure that the primaries are all preparing their children for their lessons at Brunts. And to ensure that the teachers at Brunts know what to expect of their new Year 7 students.

Transition 2017

25th November 2016 – Rainbow Day

Rainbow Day Icon

Pupils from our feeders join us for the day accessing a carousel of English, Maths and Science activities with a “Rainbow” theme!


February 2017

Brunts English and Maths Teachers deliver Angry Shakespeare and Numeracy workshops at our feeder schools


March 2017

Y7 Information Evening Invite


24th – Global Day

Global Day Icon

Pupils from our feeders join us for the day accessing a carousel of Computer Science, Humanities and MFL activities with a “Global” theme!


1st June 2017 – May 1/2 Term Workshop

Brunts host Year 6 into 7 Transition 1/2 Term Workshop


Transition Week 2017 – Monday 3rd to Friday 7th July 2017

Brunts Games

Transition Week Ltr 2017


Transition 2016

Transition Week 2016

Transition Pack 2016

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