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Transition Week 2016

Transition Pack 2016

Thank You!

Settling into a new school quickly and happily is an important building block for future success. This can be an anxious time so we plan carefully for your child’s arrival here. A soft federation has been formed with Brunts and our family primary schools and we work together to provide a series of events and curricular links aimed at making the transition to secondary school a smooth one.

We understand how daunting it can be for children and parents when they move up into secondary school. Thoughts about making new friends and not knowing many people can be a real worry for a lot of children. Representatives from all the schools in the family meet regularly to plan events and evaluate what has gone before. Where it is felt that particular children may need additional help at the time of transition this information is shared and relevant staff at both schools liaise closely to ensure that the necessary support is provided. Members of staff in different curriculum areas meet with their colleagues in the other schools to ensure that the primaries are all preparing their children for their lessons at Brunts. And to ensure that the teachers at Brunts know what to expect of their new Year 7 students.

Year 5

The day for Year 5 pupils is always a great success. The pupils spend the day at Brunts and learn about different topics. Previous themes have been the Miners’ Strike and the Olympics. This year the topic was Healthy Lifestyles and the children learnt about measuring when they made their own smoothies, made their own healthy sandwiches and learnt about exercise.

Year 6

Maths teachers from Brunts visit the primaries to teach the Year 6 children about orienteering during the spring term. The pupils also spend a full day at Brunts, taking part in Science, ICT and English based activities. In previous years activities have been based on a ‘Rainbow’ theme.

In the summer term all the Year 6 children in the family primary schools spend a day at Sherwood Pines. This is always a fantastic day out and the pupils have a great time. They carry on with the orienteering work, and spend some time pond dipping and minibeasting.

Extended Services

Holiday workshops are provided in the Easter and summer half term holidays. These are open to all Year 6 children who will be transferring to Brunts in the following September and are always popular. They have the chance to learn circus skills and take part in sports and creative activities.

All of these events help to prepare your children for life at a secondary school and afford them the opportunity to become familiar with the school site and staff.


In July all those pupils joining Year 7 in September spend a full week at Brunts taking part in an induction programme which includes creative activities, a sports day, celebration assemblies and time with their new tutor groups and teachers. This gives them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the school site and routines and begin to form new friendships

What contact will I have with the school before my child starts at Brunts?

Once places have been allocated we will send a welcome pack to all new students and their parents which will provide you with relevant information. Later in the term you will be sent a further pack enclosing additional information and some forms for completion and return to Brunts. You will be invited to a personal meeting with your child’s new tutor to discuss how we can work together to best support your child’s learning. Information regarding the school is always available on the website

What support can my child expect when they arrive in their new school?

All staff and existing students work together to provide your child with the best possible start at Brunts. The vertical tutoring system allows new students to make friends with students from all year groups, and enables them to seek advice from older students. There are also regular one-to-one mentoring sessions with tutors to provide support where needed.

How are children admitted to The Brunts Academy?

We always look forward to welcoming new students to the school and have an admissions policy. Parents of children in Year 6 will receive a letter from the Local Authority inviting them to apply for a place at their preferred secondary school. This letter is sent out in August. If the number of requests received exceeds our planned admission limit, places will be allocated in accordance with the Admissions Policy.

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