Leadership Team - The Brunts Academy

Carl Atkin


What does he do?

  • Provide dynamic and strategic direction, leadership and accountability at The Brunts’ in respect of all aspects of Teaching & Learning in order to ensure all students meet or exceed targets.
  • Ensure high quality leadership and management of team leaders at all levels so their work secures good progress.
  • Have oversight of all curriculum related matters.
  • Deploy people and resources efficiently and effectively to meet specific objectives in line with the Academy’s strategic plan and financial context.
  • Promote a culture of self-review at all levels in the Academy, developing policy, practice and processes to ensure robust and rigorous quality assurance that will lead to actions that ensure an outstanding quality of learning and teaching.
  • Construct relevant SIP and monitor the impact of actions to ensure outcomes
  • Be accountable to governors for ensuring high standards in the classroom and outstanding outcomes.

Mr M Hindmarsh

Matt Hindmarch

Deputy Headteacher for Curriculum and Provision

What does he do?

  • Ensure the provision of an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum for pupils across the school, in accordance with the aims of the school and the curricular policies determined by the Governing Body
  • Ensure appropriate curriculum delivery, good value for money and effectiveness.
  • Produce curriculum construct and associated timetable to meet needs of cohort and regulations
  • Develop and enhance the practice of others and support performance management requirements in order to secure achievement at age related expectations or above
  • Share with the Head the strategic leadership, management and development of the school including leading significant aspects of quality assurance.
  • Provide service leadership to governors through the standards portfolio.
  • Support the change management process by taking responsibility with others for leading in areas of whole school development through line management.


Luke Milner

Assistant Headteacher for Pupil Premium Champion

What does he do?

  • Accept overall responsibility for the delivery of the school’s Closing the Gap Policy and Action Plan.


Sarah Bailey-Wiles


What does she do?

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead.
  • Determine the strategic development of the SEN Policy and provision in order to raise achievement of students with Special Educational Needs in collaboration with the SLT and governors in order to ensure high quality, barrier free learning, accelerated progress and better outcomes for students.
  • Take responsibility for the day to day operation of the SEND Policy and co-ordination of the provision made for individual students with additional needs, including liaison with agencies and providing professional guidance and support to staff.
  • Lead and deliver intervention programmes.
  • Secure additional funding and deploy staff and resources efficiently to achieve best practice principles
  • Deliver and ensure effective transition for students on entry to the academy, including mid-year transfers.


Neil Davies

Assistant Headteacher for 6th Form

What does he do?

  • To be responsible for leading learning and teaching, curriculum planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluating progress at Post 16 in order to achieve highest outcomes for pupils.
  • To oversee the work of the extended services coordinator in: Developing the extended schools programme and aspects of its implementation.
  • Ensuring that pupil voice is integral to self-evaluation and subsequent actions.
  • Processes to ensure effective parental engagement and partnership
  • To develop effective student leadership opportunities to meet cohort needs
  • To manage an effective P16 tutorial programme including induction, support and guidance and a full range of cultural and enrichment activities.
  • To be school representative at local learning partnerships, establishing effective working relationships and making informed decisions that will raise achievement of pupils in the school.

Mrs E Emery

Emma Emery

Assistant Headteacher for Literacy and Numeracy

What does she do?

  • Oversee learning and teaching, curriculum planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluating progress in Mathematics, Numeracy and Literacy in order to achieve the highest outcomes for students.
  • Develop cross curricular approach to literacy and numeracy through implementing policy, programmes and effective practice across school both within lessons.
  • Advise Faculty Leaders on specific achievement and intervention strategies to improve literacy and numeracy levels.
  • Advise Head on whole school curriculum developments, strategy and learning initiatives for literacy and numeracy as a result of quality assurance findings, statutory legislation and national initiatives


Natalie Aveyard

Assistant Head for Scholastic Excellence

What does she do?

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead.
  • To advise the pastoral team to enable them to manage an effective tutorial programme including induction, support and guidance which impact on rates of progress and high standards of scholastic excellence in all aspects of provision.
    To provide effective leadership and management on policies and strategies that will secure high standards of behaviour, attendance and achievement ensuring all pupils make progress in line with or, above expectations.
    To lead on attendance initiatives to ensure targets met.
    To lead appropriate professional development activities related to guidance and progress.
    To maintain an overview and advise Year Progress Leaders on transition, work-based learning and careers education through Key Stage 3-5.
    To support ECM agenda with particular oversight for Racial Equality and anti-bullying.
    To be accountable to Governors and Trust Leader for ensuring high standards of behaviour, attendance and scholastic excellence for all pupils.
    To represent the academy at SECMate managed move meetings.
    To act as the presenting officer at appeals panels.

Mrs H Taylor

Helen Taylor

Associate AHT for Leadership Development Support and CPD

What does she do?

  • Facilitate successful training and induction of new middle and developing identified middle leaders in strategies to drive the progress of all students.
  • Oversee coaching and development of middle leadership new to post to ensure they are supported fully to adapt quickly to their new roles.

  • Promote the aims and objectives of the academy and maintain its vision whilst ensuring the promotion and safeguarding of the welfare of our students within school.
    Development of the new assessment without levels strategy.


Katie Cooper-Lewis

Executive Assistant

What does she do?

  • To provide a comprehensive and fully confidential secretarial and personal assistance service and to be the main contact between the Head and all personnel, both within the School and in relation to external arrangements.
  • To ensure efficient administrative support to the Head, Governors and SLT.
  • To work with The Evolve Trust to act as Internal Clerk to the Local Governing Body and to support Governance arrangements within the Academy.
  • To develop and co-ordinate marketing activities and resources in liaison with the Head and the Academy’s marketing strategy and the Trust.
  • To maintain the website to ensure it meets statutory requirements and informs all relevant stakeholders of key information relating to the Academy.
  • To work alongside the Head, Year 7 Pastoral Leaders, relevant SLT/MLT and Family Heads to develop and co-ordinate transition processes between all years Key Stages 2 to 5, including the organisation of marketing events to promote the Academy for Year 7 and Sixth Form.

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