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Welcome to the Brunts Digital Faculty page – the home of Computing and Creative Media.

Meet The Director of Learning – Mrs G Harper


What will I learn?

What will I learn in KS3?

What will I learn in GCSE Creative Media – Video?   What will I learn in GCSE Creative Media – Gaming?

What will I learn in KS5 Creative Media?

What will I learn in GCSE Computing?  What will I learn in KS5 Computer Science?

Brunts Digital KS3 Assessment

From 2016, students in Years 7 and 8 will be assessed against Age Related Expectations.


Green Room

Mrs Harper and Mr Milner had a busy Summer 2016 term making a green room to support students with their GCSE and A-Level commitments. See how they got the green room ready….


Digital Footprint 5Ps

E-Safety Week – w/c 17th October 2016

E-Safety Week – w/c 6th February 2017

E-Safety Week – w/c 27th March 2017

The E-Safety Unit is taught to Years 7&8 as part of their normal Computing lessons.

During E-Safety, we cover using technology safely and responsibly, such as The Internet, Social Media, Apps, Phones/Tablets etc, so that students gain an understanding of how to use it all safely, respectfully, responsibly and be able to recognise inappropriate content. Students should know what information is safe to share and what is not, why it is important to be respectful online, who to report inappropriate content to, what their digital footprint is and the laws that relate to E-Safety.

Student Work

Click here to see the Student Gallery!

Year 7 show Computer Science doesn’t have to be delivered inside!

Brunts Digital travel to the Moon on Global Day

Year 13 ICT run focus groups with Year 8!

Year 10 Creative Media take part in Digital Day!

Brunts Digital launches project with East Midlands Today!


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